Fulbright Global Scholar, Dr. Meenakshi Chhabra is affiliated with WISCOMP for her research project on ‘History Education of Events of Violence: A Comparative Study Between Ireland, India and South Africa’. Dr. Chhabra is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lesley University and has an experience of teaching Global Interdisciplinary Studies Program, International Higher Education and Intercultural Relations Program and Mindfulness Studies Program at the University. Previously, she has been a Lesley University Global Fellow (2016-17), New Vision for Peace Fellow, Seeds of Peace (2015-16) and George Eckert Research Fellow (2013), Fullbright Scholar (2010-11) among many others. She has also held visiting positions at Harvard Graduate School of Education and UN mandated University of Peace, Costa Rica in 2012-13 and 2008 respectively. As a scholar and a practitioner in the field, she has conducted several dialogue workshops between women and youth in different parts of the world around the issue of the conflict, peace and reconciliation.

Her proposed study makes a comparison between high school history textbooks lessons on events of violence and their enactment by history teachers in classrooms in three countries; India, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. It seeks to develop a framework for promoting innovative and responsible history education of events of violence, which is based on enhancing critical thinking, multi-perceptivity, and mutual understanding among learners in different global contexts.