En-gendering Education: Building Youth Capacities to End gender- Based Violence in India
Author : Manjrika Sewak
Year : 2017
Pages : 76
ISBN : 978-81-923813-5-0
Price : INR      USD

En-gendering Education: Building Youth Capacities to End gender-Based Violence in India (2017) by Manjri Sewak, is an educators? handbook which consists of training modules designed to build capacities of teenagers and young adults to counter gender-based discrimination and violence in India. It is a learning-cum-doing resource which school and college educators as well as facilitators and practitioners can use to initiate workshops with participants in the 14-30 age group. It offers over 100 hours of training and engagement on a diverse range of issues such as gender socialization and violence, masculinity and femininity, female foeticide, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment in public spaces, and the role of popular culture in advancing gender equality.
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