Media Fellowships

The Media Fellowships are designed to support young and mid-career journalists seeking to focus on in-depth stories. Media Fellows are required to publish a stipulated number of articles in established publications.


K.K. Shahina (New Delhi, India)
Feminization of Communalism in Kerala in the Context of Communal Violence in Maradu


Mr. Azim Ahmad Khan ( New Delhi, India)
Access to Justice and peacebuilding in Gujarat: The Way Forward

Mr. Luv Puri (Jammu, India)
Exploring the reality across the Line of Control


Babita Basnet (Kathmandu, Nepal)
A Pilot Case Study on Women in Conflict Affected Areas in Nepal: Their Present and Future


Vanita Sharma & Rinku Dutta (Delhi)
Women of Indian Origin Surviving and Thriving in Pakistan: An Unlikely Success Story?

Wasbir Hussain (Guwahati, Assam)
Homemakers without the Men: Women-Headed Households in Violence-wracked Assam

George Joseph (New Delhi)
Striving for Social Reconciliation in Kashmir: Does Ladakh Show the Way?

Raheel Dhattiwala (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Social Changes among the Muslims of Ahmedabad since 1990 (with a focus on the status post-Gujarat Riots, 2002)


Aarti Tikkoo (Jammu, India)
Guns and Books at Odds in Jammu and Kashmir: Impact of Militancy on Education in Jammu and Kashmir

Seema Husain (Guwahati, India)
Multi-track Peace Initiatives in India’s Northeast

Kavita Suri (Jammu, India)
Impact of Violence on Women’s Education in Kashmir

Dilip D’Souza (Mumbai, India)
New Glory: Peace as Patriotism


Jyoti Malhotra (New Delhi, India)
In Tibet Today: Towards Conflict Resolution

Ammara Durrani (Karachi, Pakistan)


Shruba Mukherjee (New Delhi, India)
Women Cadres of PWG: Conflict Mongers or Managers


Manimala (New Delhi, India)
Hinsapurna Vishwa mein Shanti ki Bhasha: Kashmir mein Sangharsh ke bad Jeevit Mahilaon ki Shakti


Alladi Jayasri (Bangalore, India)
Empowerment of Women: Answers from Tibet

Amita Joshi (New Delhi, India)
Sangharsh Ki Bhasha aur Mahilaen (Sandarbh – Assam)

Sudha Ramachandran (Bangalore, India) and Sonia Jabbar (New Delhi, India)
The Shades of Violence: Women and Kashmir

Academic Research

Fellowships for Academic Research are expected to lead to the production of a publishable monograph by the end of the grant period. While fellowships are available to scholars at any stage of their careers, postgraduate research or a doctoral degree are a prerequisite for proposals under this category.


The Political Representation of Women in Afghanistan 
Swapna Kona Nayadu (New Delhi, India)

Regional Cooperation against Human Trafficking
Sarasu E Thomas (Bengaluru, India)


Structural Violence and Women: A Case Study of Hudood Ordinances in Pakistan (1979 to 2006)
Hammad Ahmad Malik (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Women in Post-Conflict Polity Building: Lessons from Afghanistan
R. Ramasubramanian (New Delhi, India)

Divided Families in Kargil region: Impact on Women
Seema Shekhawat and Debidatta Aurobindo Mahapatra (Jammu, India)


Between Two Worlds: Long-term Effects of Communal Violence on a Multi-religious, Marginalized, Threatened Community (Pranamis): A Cultural Psychological Analysis
Chavi Bhargava Sharma (Jaipur, India)

Violent Spaces, Violated Persons: Rethinking the Camp and the Refugee in South Asia.
Ananya Vajpeyi (New Delhi, India)

International Relations Theory and Non-traditional Approaches to Security
Siddharth Mallavarapu (New Delhi, India)


Women Scientists’ Perception of the Nuclear Issue
A. Subramaniyam Raju (Hyderabad, India)

Women-in-Exile: Tibetan Women’s Refugees’ Experiences in India
Eranpeni Ezung (New Delhi, India)

Justice, Reconciliation and Constitution Making: Making Sure the Future Constitution works for Sri Lankan Women
Kishali Pinto Jayawardene (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Taliban’s War on Women: Afghan Refugees in Delhi
Minakshi Das (Bhubaneshwar,India)

The Taming of a River: Gender Displacement and Resistance in Anti-Dam Movements
Bina Srinivasan (Baroda, India)

In the Line of Fire—Women in the Armed Forces
Deepanjali Bakshi (Bangalore, India)

In (Equality) Amid (Non) Plurality: The Pakistani Experience
Jeff Redding Islamabad, Pakistan

Violence and Sexuality in the Iconography of the Nation
Mangalika de Silva (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Representation of Post-Chagai Alternative Discourse in the Media<
Zafarullah Khan (Islamabad, Pakistan)


Women’s Uprising in Manipur—A legacy Continued
Bhabananda Takhellambam Imphal, India

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and its Impact on Women in Nagaland
Khatoli Khala New Delhi, India

Images of Muslim Women: A Study on the Representation of Muslim Women in the Media (1985-2001)
Sabina Kidwai (New Delhi, India)