Media Fellowships

The Media Fellowships are designed to support young and mid-career journalists seeking to focus on in-depth stories. Media Fellows are required to publish a stipulated number of articles in established publications.


K.K. Shahina (New Delhi, India)
Feminization of Communalism in Kerala in the Context of Communal Violence in Maradu


Mr. Azim Ahmad Khan ( New Delhi, India)
Access to Justice and peacebuilding in Gujarat: The Way Forward

Mr. Luv Puri (Jammu, India)
Exploring the reality across the Line of Control


Babita Basnet (Kathmandu, Nepal)
A Pilot Case Study on Women in Conflict Affected Areas in Nepal: Their Present and Future


Vanita Sharma & Rinku Dutta (Delhi)
Women of Indian Origin Surviving and Thriving in Pakistan: An Unlikely Success Story?

Wasbir Hussain (Guwahati, Assam)
Homemakers without the Men: Women-Headed Households in Violence-wracked Assam

George Joseph (New Delhi)
Striving for Social Reconciliation in Kashmir: Does Ladakh Show the Way?

Raheel Dhattiwala (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Social Changes among the Muslims of Ahmedabad since 1990 (with a focus on the status post-Gujarat Riots, 2002)


Aarti Tikkoo (Jammu, India)
Guns and Books at Odds in Jammu and Kashmir: Impact of Militancy on Education in Jammu and Kashmir

Seema Husain (Guwahati, India)
Multi-track Peace Initiatives in India’s Northeast

Kavita Suri (Jammu, India)
Impact of Violence on Women’s Education in Kashmir

Dilip D’Souza (Mumbai, India)
New Glory: Peace as Patriotism


Jyoti Malhotra (New Delhi, India)
In Tibet Today: Towards Conflict Resolution

Ammara Durrani (Karachi, Pakistan)


Shruba Mukherjee (New Delhi, India)
Women Cadres of PWG: Conflict Mongers or Managers


Manimala (New Delhi, India)
Hinsapurna Vishwa mein Shanti ki Bhasha: Kashmir mein Sangharsh ke bad Jeevit Mahilaon ki Shakti


Alladi Jayasri (Bangalore, India)
Empowerment of Women: Answers from Tibet

Amita Joshi (New Delhi, India)
Sangharsh Ki Bhasha aur Mahilaen (Sandarbh – Assam)

Sudha Ramachandran (Bangalore, India) and Sonia Jabbar (New Delhi, India)
The Shades of Violence: Women and Kashmir