Collaborative Research

Attitudes of Teachers in India and Pakistan: Texts and Contexts

During the course of Conflict Transformation workshops WISCOMP received requests from participants for supporting collaborative research projects undertaken by young professionals from India and Pakistan. It was felt that such collaborative projects could enable participants to engage with each other’s worldviews and jointly generate options for the transformation of the conflict between the two countries.

As a response WISCOMP invited applications from the Conflict Transformation Workshop alumni for a collaborative research award. The first in this series of collaborative research was awarded to Michelle Baxter (Program Officer, Action Aid, Chennai) and Zahid Shahab Ahmed (Program Officer, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Islamabad) for their project titled Attitudes of Teachers in India and Pakistan: Texts and Contexts.

The research sought to explore how teachers in India and Pakistan induce “enemy images” in the minds of students, and how this indoctrination influences processes of peacebuilding and nation-building. It also examined the content of history textbooks and their role in perpetuation of hostility between the two countries. The findings of the research were published by WISCOMP in 2007.