Educating for Peace

Educating for Peace is WISCOMP’s core competency. A commitment to foster cultures of non-violence and coexistence and train the youth to develop constructive and sustainable responses to micro- and macro-level conflicts in South Asia, is the essence of WISCOMP’s philosophy. Read more

Gender, Peace and Security

Placing women at the heart of the discourse and in decision-making processes on security and conflict, while focusing on the human cost of conflict to bring peace is what WISCOMP strives to engender. Women and Security programs offer practical, workable methods to help build security. Read more

Conflict Transformation

The Conflict Transformation Program facilitates peacebuilding trainings and trust-building dialogues for young men and women from across conflict divides in South Asia. It provides them with the expertise and skills to participate in processes of nonviolent, democratic social change. Read more
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