to Counter Gender-based Violence in India

WISCOMP announces the release of a unique Training and Curriculum Package to counter Gender-based Violence in India. The Package uses a range of resources and methods such as popular culture, social media, literature, manuals & guidelines, films, open letters, art, field visits and campaigns. It focuses on experiential, participatory and hands-on learning.The 5 components of the package offer over 300 hours of training and engagement on a diverse range of issues to help young people build a culture of non-violence infused with values of equality, pluralism and social responsibility.

Some of the issues that the package addresses are Gender and Socialization, Masculinity and Femininity, Sexuality, Violence, Female Foeticide, Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces, Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Access to Justice

With original & indigenous content and interactive design, the package is ideal for educators and trainers involved with youth in schools, colleges, civil society organizations, and other institutions. It can also be used by professionals in law enforcement, health care, development, and media.

The Package comprises of:

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